Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ongoing updates to platform and content to deliver improved page ranks.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Our local team of search engine optimisation experts work tirelessly to improve your websites visibility and rankings in all key search engines. Our techniques work to blend numerous streams of improvement; optimising your websites content, structure, crawlability, and performance to attract an increase in organic traffic from potential customers.

At The Product Agency, we have been involved in numerous SEO campaigns from enterprise/global scale through to localised search improvements for small businesses. This experience combined with established and emerging techniques, tools, and process will help drive incremental value out of natural search for your business.

What are the benefits of search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is a long term strategy. Small and incremental improvements to your website can drive considerable traffic  that could fundamentally change your the trajectory of your businesses revenue.

Some of the key benefits to SEO include:

Increased organic traffic

Paid media is expensive. Natural traffic from search engines is the key. Most businesses build a website and hope for the best, however without a core SEO strategy in place, the traffic may never come. Through our proven optimisation techniques, we work with companies to drive increased organic traffic, underpinned by conversion oriented keywords. The focus is driving traffic, quality traffic, that has a propensity to purchase your services and drive revenue.

Improved keyword rankings

Improving your rankings in search engines is the foundational method to driving more organic traffic. Working hand in hand with your business, we research and analyse the keywords that will drive significant traffic and conversion. This underpins a range of changes that will need to be made on your website; if you wish to rank for a key term, and do not leverage that term on your websites copy, we have a problem.

Enhanced user experience

A key benefit of search engine optimisation is the hygeine element it will bring to your website. Through enhancing your user experience, rectifying navigation issues and helping search engines crawl your website - we are fundamentally helping the user experience of the one person we truly care about - the customer. Our approach to enhancing your SEO results in underpinned by user experience, including key items such as assessing your core web vitals and improving on-page performance to make lightning fast websites that are human-first.

Our approach to search engine optimisation (SEO)

At The Product Agency, we take a comprehensive and methodical approach to search engine optimisation.

Our process, at a very high level, takes the following steps:

Search engine optimisation auditing and benchmarking

One of our most popular services is thorough analysis of your existing website and competitor research to truly understand where you stand in the world of search. We’ve created a process to audit, identify issues and prioritise the best approach to building a more performance driven website. We offer a packaged set of services covering this that we call SearchSense and it’s ideal for businesses who are wanting to truly understand where they stand today - versus where they need to get to.

Keyword research

Our agency will conduct thorough keyword research on your behalf to identify the most relevant, high performing keywords that will drive quality traffic to your website. This will be the catalyst for how we then go about optimising your website to improve your keyword rankings.

On-page search engine optimisation

We will optimise various on-page elements on your website; this includes helping you rewrite copy, updating page titles, meta descriptions, headings and content. Furthermore, we interlink between your pages using keywords to ensure that each page is sending signals that it is worthy for consideration relating to those keywords. Doing this improves your websites crawlability and readability from a user perspective.

Technical search engine optimisation

We analyse and optimise your websites from a technical aspect also. We identify ways to improve site speed, mobile responsiveness, crawlability and identify any inhibitors in your website and its associated CMS to improve overall technical performance. Search engines reward websites that are clean, fast and free of errors.

Local search engine optimisation

Further to our on-page and technical SEO changes we will perform, we also look to optimise your Google Business Listings - a tremendously powerful way of obtaining new customers seeking relevant businesses to fulfil their search requests. We optimise your business listings to rank for relevant keywords, and optimise the listing to further ensure favouritism from search engines against that of your competitor set.

Migration services

Our team are highly skilled in search engine optimisation migration strategies. Launching a newly designed website? Perhaps migrating to a new CMS or platform? Our goal is to ensure that this moment of happiness does not result in a decrease in organic traffic and keyword rankings, which is increasingly common. Read more about our search engine optimisation migration services.

Our difference in approach to search engine optimisation (SEO)

At The Product Agency, we differentiate ourselves from other digital agencies in our approach to Search Engine Optimisation in the following ways:

1. We customise our SEO strategy for your business

We are not a one-size fits all agency. We do not believe this is how SEO works and we take the appropriate steps to craft an SEO strategy that delivers against your goals. We take the time to understand your business, your brand, the industry you operate in and your target audience. We ruthlessly prioritise a roadmap of enhancements to complete, in order to develop short, medium and long term initiatives that will grow your organic search traffic.

2. We leverage data driven insights to make decisions

Everything we do is backed by data, analytics and industry best practice. We dive deep into keyword research, your competitors, the behaviour of your users and create meaningful roadmaps to improve your overall search engine optimisation performance. We utilise data to monitor performance, showcase results to you and adapt our strategies monthly to drive forward momentum of your websites performance, keyword rankings and overall site traffic.

SEO has evolved in the last 20 years, though many agencies have not.

3. We utilise sustainable and ethical SEO practices

We are a white hat SEO agency that does everything above board. We sacrifice short term gains that other agencies bring, for long term sustainable and ethic approaches that will never be penalised by search engines. Our team adheres to industry best practice and works tirelessly to stay informed of the latest algorithm changes to ensure longevity of your website without risking penalties.

4. We are fun to work with and always transparent

We select our clients diligently and always look to bring a fun disposition and transparency to how we are optimising your website. Our clients are our partners on this digital journey, so we maintain strong lines of communication - providing regular updates on what we’ve improved on your website, including comprehensive ranking reports to monitor growth against selected keywords. We are accountable and open at all times.

5. We are a full service search engine optimisation agency (we do not offshore)

Our team are based in Sydney, Australia and service customers all over the world. All search engine optimisation strategy, audits and services are performed on-shore by our team of training Growth professionals that have over 20 years of experience in running successful online businesses that generate significant organic traffic.

Keen to learn more about how The Product Agency can overhaul and reinvigorate your SEO efforts?

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