See exactly how you perform in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO)
with our comprehensive analysis of your website and competitor sets.

Starting from $5,000 | 10 Business Days

Understand current performance, challenges and improvement areas.
Understand how to establish search dominance.
Receive prioritised recommendations and roadmap.

We've taken a fresh new approach to helping you understand your true position that will leave you feeling highly informed and confident, with a clear vision and roadmap to improve your SEO rankings.


In the mid-90s, search engine optimisation became a thing.

Yahoo! became irrelevant, Google took off like a rocket ship and the SEO industry boomed.

The power of search became well understood by businesses. Fortunes were made and lost by simple improvements to keyword rankings.

Web developers were interrogated about the SEO worthiness of what they were building. Fingers were often pointed.

Fast forward a few decades, and the internet and SEO industry has advanced lightyears. Though many agencies have not.


experiencing the struggle

SEO and search has changed. Agencies haven't kept up.

Search engine optimisation has significantly changed.

It's more than just backlinks. PageRank by Google is dead. It's now about improving core web vitals, usability and creating meaningful, insightful and cutting edge user experiences that perform.

It's time to reassess your SEO strategy and build a prioritised roadmap that methodically improves your SEO and underlying business revenue.

Our Answer

Starting from $5,000 | 10 Business Days

1. Research

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Understand goals and define success metrics and KPIs
  • Current website traffic analysis
  • Competitor identification
  • Current rankings (you vs competitors)

2. Comprehensive site health audit

  • Detailed SEO audit and analysis of all pages incl. competitors
  • Documentation of on-page issues, warnings, impediments to rank
  • Google Business Listing assessment incl. competitors
  • Page speed and performance analysis
  • Mobile/responsive analysis
  • Detailed off-site analysis (backlinks)
  • Media spend analysis
  • Competitor analysis

3. Recommendations

  • Prioritised recommendations for remediation of identified issues
  • Media spend recommendations
  • Ability to remediate or brief technology partner

Key outcomes

Strategic analysis, insights and a roadmap vision to dominate search.

You'll grow traffic

You will be able to increase traffic from all search engines, generate net-new sources of traffic and drive leads, sales and downloads.

You'll have a clear strategy

You, your business or your senior management team will have a clear vision and roadmap to work from.

You'll reduce costs

You will be able to reduce your reliance on paid media, instead opting to use it more strategically.

You'll drive long term growth

You will be comfortable knowing that your website is delivering long-term and compounding growth. Make digital your top performing channel.

Delivered by our Growth Team

Our growth team is obsessed with performance. Data driven insights, optimisation of conversion flows, experimentation and extracting more from your digital product.

While this is a discrete engagement, it is designed to drive much bigger and better change - unlocking revenue for your digital products to comfortably grow.

Enabled by our proven service capability:

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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Growth team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SearchSense?
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A discrete engagement that tears down your current website and analyses all facets of your SEO performance to paint a true picture on where opportunities exist.  It leaves you with tangible elements to rectify, and a prioritised view on what is most important, including sound knowledge on how your competitors are performing.

What are the key deliverables for SearchSense?
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We deliver three key items for you:

  1. Comprehensive SEO and competitor research
  1. Comprehensive site health audit
  1. Comprehensive recommendations and prioritised roadmap

What does SearchSense cost?
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The cost variability of SearchSense depends on the size of your website, though our discrete engagement usually starts at $6,900. We have a no-obligation consultation with you to ensure our service fits your needs, and we can see each other working together successfully.

How long does SearchSense take?
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Typically, 10 business days. If you have condensed timelines, we get it and can help.

What information do you need from me?
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Our job is to make this easy for you. We usually kick-off with either an in-person workshop for two hours, or alternatively can do so over a video call. We work to identify your history in search and SEO more broadly, to then begin our research, site health audit and recommendations.

Key information we will need is access to Google Analytics, a designated contact in your business to work with, and that’s about it.

Is this a short, medium, or long-term play?
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Often, it is all the above! We typically find short-term wins, plugging holes or improving performance immediately. This quickly improves your relationship with Google and your users.

Many of the recommendations will lead to medium-term outcomes. These may take time due to budgets and throughput as well as other priorities in your business and product, though we will propose a roadmap and help you work through it.

This may well include improvements to how data is collected to better follow your SEO improvement and growth and the results this is leading to. All of this leads to the long-term play. A long-term investment.

Do you analyse my competitors?
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SearchSense delivers analysis on both your website, and that of your key competitors (two), to paint a true picture of your performance compared to that of your peer set. You will obtain insights into how your competitors are performing, and where they too have search performance issues.

How are my analytics used to inform your recommendations?
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SearchSense does not include a deep analysis of your analytics, though we do use your analytics as part of SearchSense.

  • Your analytics provide a benchmark in terms of current website/traffic performance.
  • Your analytics may point to other obvious issues or opportunities within your website.
  • Your analytics will tell us if your website and goals are being sufficiently and accurately tracked.
Can you implement your recommendations for us?
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It will depend on the recommendations and your preferences, though we certainly can in most circumstances. Alternatively, we can work with your development/Product team and/or agencies to implement changes and improvements. We have extensive experience in optimising enterprise level websites through to medium sized business.

How do you prioritise your recommendations in the roadmap you deliver to me?
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Our recommendations are grouped into several buckets:

  • Good hygiene.
  • Issues and errors.
  • Opportunities.
  • Content strategy.
  • Experiments.
  • Other.

We undertake a cost/benefit analysis against each to ensure we focus on the key items that will improve your SEO performance across the short, medium, and long term.

Our growing Product suite

As an agency, we noticed common requirements and challenges faced by our clients

And so we have developed and challenges faced by our clients.

And so we have developed a number tailored products to help clients around the lifecycle of product.

  • Product strategy
  • UX
  • Creative
  • Experimentation
  • SEO
  • Growth
  • Data

Talk to us today about how our products might help your business.

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