How To Start Using Video In Your Digital Strategy


A look at the importance of video and how it can drive conversions, traffic and a beautiful user experience on your website.

Video content has emerged as a pivotal element for websites, reshaping how businesses and individuals engage with their online audiences and taking conversion rates into the next frontier. Video not only captures attention more effectively than traditional text or static images, but it also enhances communication - making complex ideas and stories more accessible.

Beyond its engagement prowess, video holds the key to improved search engine visibility, boosting SEO rankings and expanding a website's reach to potential visitors. Perhaps more importantly, video content wields the power to elevate conversion rates, build stronger brand identities, and foster personal connections with audiences that drive real actions while on the website.

  • From a users perspective, why read something when you can watch it? A picture paints a thousand words right?
  • From your businesses perspective, why take a punt that all of your copywriting will get read? It’s better to say what you mean, directly via video.
  • From a more broader industry perspective, platforms like YouTube are now closing in on Google as the preferred method of search.

In this article, we will explore how video content should form part of your digital product strategy; the reasons, the benefits, the considerations. It is our view that video has become an indispensable component of businesses who value digital and believe in the change it can bring to a business. Getting started with a video strategy is actually quite simple - let us explain.

How can videos enhance your digital strategy?

To put it simply, video content is useful. It is aesthetically beautiful, concise, clear and has the power to answer your customers questions quickly (when done correctly).

Google and other search engines reward useful content. Why? Because being useful is paramount to the world of digital; your sole job is to quickly and clearly help users understand things, make decisions and proceed with confidence. Video does just that.

Forget Google for a second, think about your users - or better yet - think about yourself as a user and how often you watch videos to understand something.  This is key in understanding the power of good video content on websites.

In terms of other tangible benefits of video content include:

  • Video content on websites is highly engaging.
  • Video content on websites can communicate complex items, simply.
  • Video content on websites help garner additional traffic from Google.
  • Video content on websites can increase conversion rates.
  • Video content on websites brings trust to your brand.
  • Video content on websites is highly sharable, customers can share it.
  • Video content on websites is considered ‘mobile first’ - “easier to watch than read”.
  • Video content on websites build a personal connection with visitors.
  • Video content on websites can cross multiple channels; make once, post on numerous platforms.

A considered video strategy can achieve numerous business KPIs; let us explore further some of the considerations you should be thinking about when digitally transforming your business to use video.

What are the key considerations for incorporating video content into your digital strategy?

You need to develop a plan for using video content

Start by thinking through where your video content will be consumed. You could opt to embed the video content on your website, on key pages, or additionally opt to post the content on video specific platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. For most of our clients, a combination of both is the secret to success. On-page video helps your users who find you, off-page video on platforms can act as an additional source of new visitors.

You may also wish to consider the types of video content you wish to leverage.

Here is a quick list of the common types of video content we often help our clients with;

  • Video explainers; short, sharp, usually animated 101’s to explain something.
  • Product video demos; how to use a product, what a product looks like, etc.
  • Video reviews; real customers or users, showing how a product has helped them.
  • Video interviews; again, real customers or users talking on your behalf.
  • Promo videos; videos designed to market your product.
  • Customised videos; videos that incorporate your viewers name and feels bespoke.

The key to choosing the right video content is thinking through what your KPIs are, what your users would benefit from and then building a video strategy accordingly.

You need to assign a budget to building out your video content

Video is more expensive to produce than that of text/images. It’s a fact and one that would be hard to live with if it weren’t for the dramatic ROI video can bring a business. Spending a few thousand dollars to build video doesn’t feel expensive when it is driving many multiples of that towards conversion.

If you stop for a second and take a look at your competitors, depending on what vertical your business operates in, my guess is that video is rarely used. Why? Because it feels too hard for most. Things that feel hard can be a strategic differentiator for you and the category you operate in. Be different, do things better, stay a step ahead of the pack, you won’t regret it.

You don’t need to produce video content yourself; you can outsource it

While video is a great idea, poor quality video is a bad idea. Unless you’re a brand that can get away with quick, silly or funny little videos in social channels - it’s almost always wiser to engage a video production company to bring your video strategy to life.

We aren’t talking Hollywood video here - but users do expect a level of professionalism in the content and edit that is likely not a skillset many businesses possess.

Through outsourcing your video content production you can get a small to medium sized professional operator to help you with scripting, narrative, shooting, editing, sound and lighting to make things a breeze.

Examples and case studies of how video can be done brilliantly

I was recently shopping for an iconic Akubra Hat ahead of the impending summer and stumbled across an online hat retailer that have done a marvellous job of meeting my search intent.

A bit of background

My head is not a standard size; I am a plus size model in the head circumference department. This meant I couldn’t visit stores or stockists to try hats on; I had to rely on buying my Akubra from online. Hats however are very personal; it’s hard to know which of the 30+ styles would look best, fit best and meet my needs the best.

What I did

Through a range of Google Searches, I found an online hat retailer called Hats By The 100 who have done an incredible job of building content around hats for large heads. 10/10 on the search engine optimisation front to whomever runs Hats By The 100.

What is more impressive however, is their use of video

Through the use of video content, they allayed all of my fears. I was worried that a hat may look great in a stock photo, but then look strange when worn. I wanted to see the hat in real life, but due to no stockists holding the size I required - I would need to complete this step online. Both of these concerns were quickly rectified through their use of video.

Here is an example whereby they did a product 101 video; talking to me about the benefits, showing what it looked like in real life and discussing its specifics.

Here is an example whereby they did a real life fitting; showing me exactly it looks like when worn by an example model.

Due to both of these videos, it made my confidence to buy extremely high. I went on to spend $300 or so with them. On top of that, I opted for express shipping expecting 2-3 days. In reality, the hat arrived less than 24 hours later - a truly beautiful ecommerce experience end to end.

Conclusion and key takeaways

Video content has the power to make you sales. Helping your visitors answer questions and build confidence in your brand and their imminent purchase is paramount.

What is a video is the obstacle stopping you from a sale? It could be something as small as this that is holding back conversions and an explosion in trust, confidence and sales for your business. I strongly encourage those with services and/or products to consider video content as a tangible and ROI focused digital strategy.

If you need help with video production, we work very closely with incredible freelancers who can make video an achievable dream without needing Hollywood budgets.

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